how one woman overcame insurmountable odds

Finding Hope

In life we have sunshine and rainbows and clouds and storms.

In her new book, Hope Inspires Strength, Liane takes you on her incredible journey as she dealt with the loss of her father, cares for her incapacitated mother, is raising 2 children of which one has multiple special needs, and has built different businesses in the process. 

Her journey in the last 17 years is more than most experience in a lifetime.  Not only did she not give up, but she succeeded because she used hope to inspire strength. 

As many people are dealing with the stress of building a career, having a family, and having aging parents, her book was written to share her experiences and what she has learned over the years to help you find your hope, courage, and strength in life. 

You will laugh, cry, cheer, and feel inspired in your own life after reading about Liane’s remarkable journey.  And if possible, this book will touch you and provide hope in your life.


What Readers have SAid...

"This book delivers inspiration, motivation, and a reminder of gratitude. Liane shares her personal find hope every day. If you want to be inspired and learn how to live your best life, this is a must read."
Kristie Overstreet
Dr. Kristie Overstreet, PhD, LPCC, LMHC, LPC, CST
Therapist, Relationship Expert, Author

Meet the Author

Liane K. Chong

Liane K. Chong

Liane was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. She received her BA in business management from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, and lived in Portland, Oregon, before moving back to Hawaii to build her career. She is a self-employed business owner and financial advisor for a major company, as well as an employee-benefits specialist. She has won several awards and rewards trips over the years and was also recognized by a major local magazine for being a Top 40 under 40 recipient in 2016.

She is married and a mother of two children—a teenage daughter and a son in elementary school who was born with a rare chromosome abnormality. He has multiple special needs that include cortical blindness, hypotonia, cerebral palsy, autism, and he cannot walk or talk. In addition to taking care of her children, Liane has been a caregiver for her physically incapacitated mother since 2008. Liane loves her work helping families better plan and prepare for their future. Outside of work, she enjoys spend­ing time with her family, dancing, volunteering for her high school, helping with the family Chinese lion dance club, and traveling.

Liane K. Chong

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