Liane K. Chong

Liane K. Chong

Behind the Book

Meet Liane

In Liane’s Senior year of high school she won an award for the “Most Inspirational Athlete”.  While she was athletic, the ability to excel in sports was more due to her drive and persistency than it was her skill. She played with a lot of heart and that effort and commitment showed even back then.

Liane believes that inspiration is not only about success. Being inspired can come from having perseverance to overcome obstacles. From watching someone face adversity, deal with it, and somehow live their life as if nothing can stop them. Not allowing themselves to dwell on setbacks, but finding opportunities with everything that comes their way. It gives us hope that we too can succeed knowing that we are already or may in the future face similar challenges in life.

In her book Hope Inspires Strength, Liane shares the hardships felt losing her father at an early age and how that impacted her. She shares the difficulties of being a caregiver and how that experience and responsibility can impact people. She shares the successes and failures that come from building a career to show that you can love and take care of family and be your own
boss too. 

Also, she shares the happiness of having children and the journey, which is challenging with a child that has special needs. But most importantly, shares how the attitude and perspective learned from her mom and son can provide gratitude for the life we have.

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An Interview with Liane K. Chong

Hear Liane talk about her inspiring story of courage, strength and overcoming adversity and what led her to write Hope Inspires Strength. Find your own inner strength as you learn from her example to conquer any trials you face.

Find Strength Within

Living in a supportive Hawaiian community, it seemed Liane would have her dream life . . . until the hardships began.

First, she faced the sudden loss of her cherished father. Devastated by grief, she could barely believe it when her mother then developed a disease that left her paralyzed, bedridden, and in need of constant care.

Despite other painful setbacks, Liane took over the daunting task of caring for her mother as she struggled to survive financially and make sense of it all.

At least her beautiful daughter, supportive husband, and—finally—excitement over their second healthy pregnancy gave her strength.

A few months later, their much-anticipated son was born.

Still recovering from childbirth, Liane was stunned by the news: her baby boy had cortical blindness, cerebral palsy, autism, and might never walk or talk.

Most would be broken in the face of these odds.

In an extraordinary story of finding hope where none seemed to exist, Liane chose not to give up.

She did it to survive and show others the way.

And not only did she survive, she thrived—becoming a successful entrepreneur and finding balance in what most would see as an overwhelming life.

Her hope will help you find your strength.

You’ll love this remarkable journey because if Liane can overcome all that life threw at her, you can too.

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