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My Senior year in high school I won the award for the “Most Inspirational Athlete”.  In my mid 20’s I started to discover how the word Inspire would have a lot of meaning in my life. 

I feel I inspire people when I lead by example, when I do my best no matter what, and when I show that I am not only putting on a happy face despite any hardship, but that I am persevering through it. Your attitude, train of thought, and ability to trust and move forward play a large role in how you get through tough times. 

In my book, I take you on a journey where you see the decisions and choices I had to make and what I learned through it all. I have experienced a lot in a short amount of time and many of my life experiences are relatable to you. I know there are many people who have experienced the loss of a loved one, are caring for someone, have had career changes or hardships, who are parents, business owners, and who may have a child with special needs.

If you need a story to lift you up, to challenge your current thinking, to pull you out of your rut and help to move you forward, or to help put your life in a different perspective, Hope Inspires Strength is for you.

Liane K. Chong


An Interview with Liane K. Chong

Hear Liane talk about her inspiring story of courage, strength and overcoming adversity and what led her to write Hope Inspires Strength. Find your own inner strength as you learn from her example to conquer any trials you face.

Find Strength Within

Living in a supportive Hawaiian community, it seemed Liane would have her dream life . . . until the hardships began.

First, she faced the sudden loss of her cherished father. Devastated by grief, she could barely believe it when her mother then developed a disease that left her paralyzed, bedridden, and in need of constant care.

Despite other painful setbacks, Liane took over the daunting task of caring for her mother as she struggled to survive financially and make sense of it all.

At least her beautiful daughter, supportive husband, and—finally—excitement over their second healthy pregnancy gave her strength.

A few months later, their much-anticipated son was born.

Still recovering from childbirth, Liane was stunned by the news: her baby boy had cortical blindness, cerebral palsy, autism, and might never walk or talk.

Most would be broken in the face of these odds.

In an extraordinary story of finding hope where none seemed to exist, Liane chose not to give up.

She did it to survive and show others the way.

And not only did she survive, she thrived—becoming a successful entrepreneur and finding balance in what most would see as an overwhelming life.

Her hope will help you find your strength.

You’ll love this remarkable journey because if Liane can overcome all that life threw at her, you can too.

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